My Life Insurance Policy 

Drove Me To Contemplate Suicide...

As I sat at the edge of a rooftop,

I was convinced that death was the only option out as I sank ever so deep into bankruptcy and debt.

Have You Ever Been So Bankrupt, There Was No Way Out?

Hello, I am James Irvine, and this is my story.

I went from a broke and broken soul with no hope to a millionaire living the dream life.

Sounds impossible! Well, and then follow me as we unravel together the unique breakthrough that stopped my suicide route and paid my $250k debt.

Like every person that would probably read this, I came from a struggling background. A hard-working dad, a cleaner, and stay a home mom.

Our life was just there. Nothing special and all we wanted was to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves.

The stress at home sipped into everything I did, including school. I did not do well, but I had a passion – basketball.

My dream of being a B-baller was massive; I knew it was my ticket out of poverty and wretchedness.

I was thrilled when my coach pulled me aside and told me I stood a chance of getting a full NBA scholarship.

All I needed to do was to perform exceptionally well when a top scouting coach came to watch my game.

Easy right!

Unfortunately, I Blew My Only Other Ticket To A Good Life. 

I could not focus on the game because I was emotionally disoriented. My girlfriend has just told me she was 4 weeks pregnant…

Oh, shoot!

My life just went down the drain. I gave up the basketball dream and picked up a retail job at Macy’s to cater to my family.

No sooner had I started, I found myself living my dad’s life, earning an average pay, overworked, struggling to provide, and sinking in debt.

I could not allow this to continue; else my child would live like me too.

I Looked The Bull In The Eyes And Said, no MORE.

There had to be a better option out there than the life I was living now.

And boom, a co-worker, Luca, introduced me to this unbelievable timber investment scheme.

Being desperate and inexperience,

I mortgaged the roof over our heads to buy into this opportunity.

I could not let it go. I needed a change for my family and me.

If you guessed, you are right.

It was a Ponzi scam, and the owners took my money to pay off old investors and left me hanging high and dry.

I lost everything, and my life went 6-feet deep when I realized.

My family lost their shelter and security, and we could not even afford a proper meal and depended on food stamps.

I checked my bank account.

It was there alright, the last money I owned in this life.

$2, Just Two Dollars...

Enter your text here...

I was depressed, a failure, suicidal and confused.

I did not know what to do.

I kept asking myself, “why am I so naïve?”

What will I tell my wife?

How did I lose all my hard-earned money?

GREED, some say, but all I wanted was a good life for my family. My wife and my child!

The questions kept playing in my head … I was losing it.

But that was just the beginning of my predicaments.

My marriage went sour.

With my attitude, i lost my job.

And my life was a write-off.

In my thought, I ended up at the edge of the hotel roof, planning to end it all.

But I had a consolation, my life insurance policy; 1 million dollars was with me.

My thought was if I died now, at least my wife and family will have something to fall back on.

It wasn’t a terrible plan.

My wife will be glad I did the right thing, and what are the odds of making a million dollars with the path I was heading.

As I got ready to make that leap, something pulled me back.

I heard a voice from my darkest place, don’t jump! It is not time to die yet, he screamed.

He saved me. He saved my life, and as I turned, I stared into this concerned and worried face.

That was it.

I shared my money problems and journey in life.

Ah, he said, that is not a problem. I did not think he understood me, and quite frankly, I was surprised how calm he looked.

I thought to myself, he doesn’t get me.

Okay, I Was In Some Deep Sh-thole Now …

He introduced himself as Simon and was 41.

He then proceeded to show me this blueprint that will forever change my life.

It was a set of 2 audio tapes and how it will turn my mindset & life around.

What was there to lose?

It was the best decision of my life as I listen to it every day from that day. And… yesterday disappeared.

After a week, I had somehow earned $1k from playing scratch cards.

Hmm, by week two, I was earning $5k off the stock market by choosing growth stocks.


After the second month, I got a job as a stockbroker paying me up to 5 times more than my earnings at Macy’s.

My relationship with my family got better, and we were feeding well, and the light at the end of the tunnel was brighter.

Hey, no more food stamps.

Like every kindhearted person would do, I invited Simon to dinner at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant and to appreciate him for saving and changing my life.

We had kept in touch since I supposedly failed suicide. Dinner was great, and we discussed how his blueprint turned my life around.

And how my friends and family should benefit from it, he was glad.

But he had one request. To everyone who benefited from this blueprint should donate 5% of their income to a good cause they believed in.

It was a fair trade if you ask me.

We ate dinner, said our goodbyes, and that was the last I heard from him.

I could not reach him again

It was like he just disappeared.

Looking Back, I’d Say He Was An Angel Sent From The Heavens To Bless Me When I Was Down And Drowning.

I know you must be thinking it was smooth sailing from here on...

I wish it was good but bad days laced some days, but I had the key.

My family and I were living the fairy tale life.

M friends were living their dreams until when a client flaunted my rules. He leveraged penny stocks and lost $250 overnight, leaving me in debt.

Not again!

But I had the blueprint. I opened it and turned my life around AGAIN.

With the right call on Bitcoin and gold over the next 12 months, I paid every single penny owed and have extra too.

My clients followed the leader and made massive profits with me.

Oh, one of them gifted me a BMW to say thank you!

I just proved that the blueprint worked once again.

But I was curious. How can a set of audiotapes be so powerful…?

This time, I decided to deeply research why it worked so well. I consulted brain doctors, neuro-scientists whatever experts I could find.

Four years into the research and consulting, EUREKA!

The audiotapes activate a special part of the brain. And it was the ….

Reticular Activating System (RAS), Which Is A Network Of Neurons That Acts Like A ‘Money Switch’ Inside You.  

That is why some people can LITERALLY find $100 bills lying on the floor.

This is why people suddenly become rich out of the blues from their simple investments.

And some do not even see the best with all the opportunities before them.

This blueprint got me a better job, solved my family's financial problems, and made me a money magnet.

If it can change my life, I assure you it will change yours.


Ultimate Money Manifestation

*Product Image is for illustration purposes only

This program is poised to help solve ALL your money problems, help you attract more money, and build more wealth via opportunities in your life.

And we all know that money is power and your ticket to access the precious gift life has to offer – TIME.

When you are struggling to make money, you are losing time.

  • Time with your family
  • Time to pursue your passion
  • Time to build relationships
  • Time to leave a legacy behind

Time is money, and without it, you are losing the most significant part of your life.

This program is not for everyone. Yes, so if you really believe your financial challenges can change, then this is for you.

The Ultimate money manifestation program has limited slots only for those who persist.

I know in my heart Simon is using me to change the world, and you are my witness to him that I passed his blueprint and opportunity to them.

So if you are ready to gain financial independence, then this is it.

What Is In The Ultimate Money Manifestation Program?

Audio Sound Track #1: Wealth Mastery Guided Meditation

In this part, you will learn to appreciate and live life to the fullest.

You will also learn to identify and overcome factors limiting your potentials to earn and live with the high and mighty.

The audio soundtrack #1 is an 11 minutes MP3 recording that will guide you in the following.

  • More wealth, luck, and capacity
  • Discard all money limiting beliefs
  • Kick money stress surrounding your money problem
  • Learn to stand out in a competitive atmosphere like the job market
  • Generate more profit from your business now and in the coming years

Audio Sound Track #2: Lifestyle Visualization Guided Meditation

The second part teaches you how to be happy and live a successful holistic life in seven phases.

Phase 1:  Clearing Your Mind

Phase 2:  Consciousness 

Phase 3: Gratitude

Phase 4: Removing Negative Charges

Phase 5:  Visualizing Your Perfect Future

Phase 6: Your Perfect Day

Phase 7: The Blessings

Additionally, this 9-minute MP3 contains

  • The power to building a positive mindset
  • The power of gratitude
  • Staying calm during obstacles
  • How to attract your dream lifestyle
  • Getting better job opportunities
  • Improving your relationship with friends, family, and strangers

Well, that mostly says it.

So what do you think a blueprint like this is worth?  Bearing in mind the potentials and success stories.

One-time fee of $1000

Up a bit to $5000

It does not matter because I could charge more, and people will willingly open their wallets to attend the group coaching.

And you will agree with me that this is a lifetime pillar that will continually generate wealth regardless of the setting it is used.

So it is well worth it.

The sooner you partake, the faster you begin to see changes in your life and finances.

Based on my personal experience, I was wealthier and happier after using this blueprint. I fixed my problems, was more focused, and am living life.

In your pursuit for life, do not forget to pursue the things that matter – happiness.

Remember, I promised my angel Simon that everyone who gets this blueprint must donate 5% for a good cause. So in that effect, the Ultimate Money Manifestation blueprint goes for a token of



Oh, and that’s not all.

I will throw in a mouth-watering bonus from my years of research and experiment that will hasten your results.

BONUS: Ultimate Money Manifestation Checklist

This bonus is a guideline on how to maximize the potentials of the audiotapes for your personal and financial growth.

Your gain from this book is:

  • A crystal clear idea of what you want to earn
  • How to practice daily gratitude
  • How to get maximum result from the tapes
  • When to takes action with every opportunity

Some people have asked, James, you got this for free, then why can’t it be cheaper or free?

Me: People do not value-free or cheap stuff. Period!

Others are thinking it’s too cheaper to be that successful. It might not be useful, and they gather the UMM aside and ignore it.

Sounds familiar?

I was guilty of this too for some blueprints I have bought.

But this is different. I do not want you to remain in poverty or debt. So when you make this purchase, you will be accountable for your results and work for it.

So between intruding in my space, doing well, and trying to ensure many people benefit from this, especially with the after-effect of the pandemic, this is the final price


Click the above to get access

I want you to take action NOW…

Not tomorrow, today, right now.


This is the closest thing you will ever get in a step-by-step money manifestation blueprint.

Get your copy as we have a limited number of slots and are almost closed too.

If this blueprint fails to meet your expectations, I am offering you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

60-Day Guarantee

Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

I want to ensure you get the best out of the Ultimate Money Manifestation blueprint program.

But if you are unsatisfied with this program within 60 days, you will get a full refund.

We are available via email for support, questions, or refund steps. We will respond immediately.

With a low purchase risk and countless success stories, why are you still contemplating it?

Click on the I’m Committed button now.

You are just seconds away from changing your life.

I have become a money magnet! 

48 hours from using the audios and I have literally picked up a $100 bill. James is amazing! I have been following his work for a while now and I know that my life will be changing for the better soon.
Update: Manifested another $1k from scratch cards to start my online business! 

These audios are so simple, but yet it WORKS!

Grace Alexis 

You have heard that totally right! Within 2 days of using this set of audios and out of the blue, I received an unexpected, unsolicited gift of $1200 from my relative.

I am still reeling in shock. I am on day 7 now but I am excited to see where more money will come from. Money is truly coming from so many unexpected sources. 

The audios are really simple to use. 

And it works. I can't ask for more than that.

Tom Johnson 
- Regular Employee 

This program is worth every penny I purchased it for. James really wants you to succeed through his bottom of his heart.  This set of audios can be life changing if you are willing to be open minded and give it a try.  Simply follow the steps faithfully and you will manifest $500 MINIMUM! Probably the best investment made in myself and I am super grateful to James and the team.

Fergie Michaela 
- Stylist


No, you are not hearing things... That is the sound of opportunity asking you to grab hold before it’s gone.

And you have to pay the full price later.

Well, it’s true.

We live in a skeptical world that 90% of people fail to see an opportunity staring at them in the face.

They are not risk-takers. No, action takers, they are not action takers.

This is a life-changing opportunity.

Not because you are any better than the next one, but because you are smarter, but you know how to take control of your life.

Changing your financial destiny is what the Ultimate Money Manifestation program does.

And you know it will work, else you will not be reading the next line.

So do not cheat your destiny out of this opportunity. It will be selfish.

Imagine this---

  • Paying off all your debt and not worrying about money matters.
  • Break free from stressful, over-demanding, and low-paying 9 to 5 jobs
  • Have enough time for yourself and your relationships.

Overall, get 10 or more times your initial investment.


You missed out!

You have two options before the prices are reverted and slots are closed.

Option 1:

Remain skeptical and keep wondering why those around you are getting richer and seem to attract all the opportunities around you and you are not.

Meanwhile, you have access to a program that would help you put on your money switch.


Option 2:

Give the UMM program an honest try for 60 days and experience what it means to never worry about money ever again. Let the Ultimate Money Manifestation do the work while you focus on rebuilding time lost in your life.

After all, what have you to lose? You get a full refund; no questions asked if you eventually say no.

It is time to start winning.

*Product Image is for illustration purposes only

Wealth Guided Meditation

Lifestyle Visualization Guided Meditation

Ultimate Money Manifestation Checklist

$87 Value

$67 Value

$37 Value

Total Value: $191  

$37 (One Time Offer)

This is a fraction of the actual cost.

Hey, you do not need to wait long for your blueprint to arrive. There are no hidden costs or handling fees to receive this blueprint.

So the sooner you begin, the sooner you start to manifest cash into your life.

Ultimate Money Manifestation

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