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James Irvine here, and I’m so excited you did it.

You’ve made the most life changing move of your life. You don’t own just a random program… you actually have the exact step-by-step blueprint of the Taoism philosophy on how to achieve wealth by going with the flow of nature.

Now let me ask you a question…

Are You Interested In Learning How To Accelerate Your Prosperity In Half The Time Using This Blueprint?

Because there are thousands of students who are already getting fantastic results from the “Ultimate Money Manifestation” Program (and I know this from thousands of messages I get every day on my inbox), doesn’t mean that everybody can achieve these mind-blowing results

The thing is that, results do vary from people to people even when given this exact identical blueprint.

Some start attracting their dream life faster, while others start attracting it later. There are 2 groups of students in my experience…
The first group of students are happy with manifesting things slowly in their life.

As long as they are seeing some results eventually (sometimes even months later), they are okay with it.
Then, there is the second group of students who wants to see results MUCH quicker, like within 48 hours.
Because most people lack patience and certainly wish to see results faster.

And if you are part of this second group of students who wish to see results much faster, then what I’m going to present, might be just right for you.

Add To Your Order At A Special Discount...

The “Taoist Manifestation Workbook”

It’s a workbook that includes 4 stages to fully charge your body with “the chi” of abundance.

Do you remember what I said in the previous page…that every physical object, including humans is vibrating?

What causes this vibration, in Taoism is called “Chi”
In the workbook we begin by learning how to circulate the Chi energy inside our body.

This is important, because once we learn to channel the Chi in our body, our body becomes positively charged.

A fully charged body is the key to abundance and manifesting whatever you desire in a faster way.

Here’s what this workbook includes exactly…

  • How to circulate the Chi energy inside your body in order to attract the abundance reality you’ve been seeking
  • A controversial but actually powerful way to get started with meditation
  • Why “navel” is the most important point in the human body (Plus how you can use it to enter the world of a REAL meditator)
  • The unexpected points to massage in your body that may just be the best medicine to handling distractions
  • Where human’s most powerful energetic point and chakra is located (Plus how many to massage that region to unlock its full potential)
  • A simple, effortless Taoist meditation on how to live with an open heart (Hint: You can practice it sitting quietly, or while engaged in daily activities)
  • The #1 technique that can help reduce the level of stress you experience (It has nothing to do with what you’ve learned in most books)
  • Why you need to connect with mother earth and 2 steps to do it easily
  • Discover how activating the higher self-cosmic energy will awaken the divine light within you
  • And much, much more

Each of these three steps are essential components of the principle of alignment and attraction, and all need to harmonize together to allow for positive change and results to flow.

Especially not when I’ve laid it all out for you.

And the best part? Once you taste the power of this workbook, you'll find it hard to go back to your old days… This is why you must hurry!

This is the first time I have offered this material to the general public. I'm not eager to get overwhelmed with responses - I will keep the special deal I'm offering only as long as I can easily handle the response.

I know how difficult it is to find real, honest, and expert advice like this. If you aren't ready for what I offer, that’s fine - consider yourself lucky and feel free to leave this page.

I am not out to convert you to anything. I am out to share the tried and tested solution that no one else has the guts to reveal.

Order this stuff today, right now, while it’s still hot in your mind. And prepare to have your mind blown... and your entire world change forever. It really is that powerful!

You see, like many people, I was skeptical about the law of attraction when it comes to attracting wealth

But after my success with ultimate money manifestation, I decided to go on a journey...

And interview some of the other millionaires who had their life changed from using the law of attraction.

To my biggest surprise, many of them were using the law of attraction in a weird manner that was totally unheard of (which is called the law of alignment if you recall from the previous page)

Since implementing their advice, I have seen myself becoming more confident, and achieving by the end of the second month, a job as a stockbroker that pays me 3 to 5 times more than I was earning as a waiter back then…

And here’s the deal, for first time students only, when you upgrade to the Taoism Manifestation Workbook, you will receive four bonuses (Worth $1097) for FREE.


The Deserving Wealth Destiny Guided Meditation ($47 Value)

This 12 minutes MP3 can help to align your inner beliefs about wealth and money.

Listen to this MP3 daily and do not be surprised if you start seeing signs like 11:11 and 12:12 frequently.

You shall soon be on your path to a life of good fortune and riches.


The Interstellar Divine Money Guided Meditation ($47)

Listen to the interstellar background music cheer you on while you use your power of imagination to visualize your wealthy life.

You are bold and wise to break out of your current financial situation and experience exponential growth.

This is a 15 mins guided meditation with affirmations to transform you inside out.


Millionaire LOA Secrets System

We have the ability to attract anything that we want into our lives by focusing on it consistently.

By using the inherent power of our mind, we can convert whatever we think about repeatedly into reality.

Discover the 5 weird and secret law of attraction process that will make you a millionaire.
Now, I got one final bonus for you…


Unlimited Email Support ($97)

Because my #1 priority is to help you succeed, so that you can donate 5% of your wealth to good causes.

You see, even with the ease of this program, there will still be some of you who may feel like giving up...
Or that you just need a little push and support from me.
And so, I am happy to announce that there will be an unlimited email support

That’s all, and yes, there are certainly no rebills or any other no hidden costs
But you must click to pay one-time special price, which is available for first time
customers only…
Or you will need to pay the full price of $1,668 later on if you want this upgrade.

365 DAYS


And of course, not to mention, you are still protected by my 100% money back guarantee for a 365-day period

If, for any reason, you don't like Taoism Manifestation Workbook, you can get a full refund anytime within 365 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.
All you’ve got to do now is just click the button.
If you leave this page now, you will NEVER see this offer again! Don't miss out on this exclusive one-time offer

No thanks, I don’t want to save money and get quicker results with Ultimate Money Manifestation.
Please note that if you say NO to this upgrade now, you would need to pay the FULL amount of $297 in the future, in order to access this upgrade.

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