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Here’s How You Can Accelerate Your Prosperity In Half The Time...

And It Only Requires A Simple Upgrade...

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Hey there,

Its James Irvine once again.

And you have my heartiest congratulations on your purchase of Ultimate Money Manifestation!

This is probably the single most important decision you have made…

Because You Have Taken The FIRST Step To Begin Your Life Journey Full Of Abundance And Riches That Are Beyond Your Wildest Imagination...

Now this is not an exaggeration because there are thousands of my students who are already getting fantastic results from this program.  

My inbox is flooded daily with testimonials from my students worldwide and I look forward to seeing yours too.

Just remember to donate 5% of your income for good causes as you have promised from purchasing this blueprint.  

But I would ask for you to stick around with me for another few minutes because I am about to share with you another secret that can help you shortcut your path to manifesting cash in your life from unexpected sources. 

In other words... 

How Would You Like To Accelerate Your Prosperity In Half The Time?

You see, the Ultimate Money Manifestation Blueprint works fine on its own...

And let me assure you on that with this iron-clad 60 days money back guarantee. 

However, I would like to point out that results do vary from people to people even when given this exact identical blueprint.

60-Day Guarantee

Because Manifesting Money From Unexpected Sources Is HARD WORK...

The process may take quite a while and sometimes it may even stretch up to several weeks from multiple attempts of not getting results. 

And if you remember from my story earlier, I had the exact same problem from my initial try of money manifestation blueprint. 

Which led me to almost give up on the manifestation journey all together...

I am glad I did not and persisted on but it always made me wonder what if I didn't? 

Let me share a quick story of Yvette heard about my story from a mutual friend and wanted to try out my ultimate money manifestation blueprint. 

However, after 14 days of multiple attempts where she was trying to follow the ultimate money manifestation blueprint, it just didn't work for her as what she expected and almost wanted to give up. 

And of course, I told her to continue using ultimate money manifestation because the time it takes to manifest someone's desires differs from people to people. 

At that time, I had discovered a secret that can help reduce the time for ultimate money manifestation to take effect. 

So I decided to ask her to give it another chance by adding on this additional secret. 

To her surprise, she manifested $5000 she sorely needed within the next 48 hours.

And it came out of a blue from a legitimate surprise where her ex was closing a bank account that he has already forgotten and wanted to support her with the legal expenses. 

Because of that, she didn't need to sell her car to raise the cash she needed to tide her over. 

Talk about the right timing as well! 

Now in my experience, there are 2 groups of students.  

The first group of students are happy with manifesting things slowly in their life.

As long as they are seeing some results eventually (sometimes even months later), they are okay with it.

Then, there is the second group of students who wants to see results MUCH quicker, like within 48 hours. 

Because most people lack patience and certainly wish to see results faster.

And if you are part of this second group of students who wish to see results much faster, then this secret is just right for you. 

It was almost by accident that I started realizing that there are certain steps that one can take to consistently see results faster.

What I noticed from my student testimonials is that there is a selected group of them who were seeing results within 48 hours of using this blueprint.

And I have always wondered how some of them were able to get results so much quicker than the rest? 

Is there an unfair advantage that they might have accidentally discovered by themselves? 

And so if I can figure out this unfair advantage of these successful students, I would be able to bring prosperity quicker to all my students  like Yvette. 

Not only will more students succeed faster, the remaining students are also less likely to give up, which increases the odds of money manifestation blueprint working for more people as well.  

Which is also the reason why I decided to pour in my own time and resources to experiment,explore and isolate this unfair advantage once and for you all...

Because if you never know failure, you will never know success!

What I did was extremely time consuming.

I emailed back all my students who sent in testimonials which stated that they were seeing results with 48 hours with a comprehensive survey that I crafted. 

From the results of the survey, I subsequently also conducted many 1 to 1 interviews via Zoom to understand their methods further.

And the results were truly shocking! 

This well-hidden secret that I have discovered is so powerful that it is beyond anyone’s imagination…

To the point that I was afraid of being sued by the rich and powerful like Jeff Bezos,Bill Gates, Elon Musk and so on.

Because the 1% needs to keep the 99% at work to make themselves richer.

But I decided that it is worth the risk...

As anyone easily use this secret to easily attract unexpected money flows almost instantly...

And instantly allow you to align with the universe to harness its power.

Your wealth potential will be realized with this secret as you become a money manifestation magnet.

This secret has been hidden,reserved and only passed down to the worthy through lineages...

But every once in a while, this ancient secret would be discovered by wealth seekers without connections...

And they all called this ancient secret the ‘Wealth Voice’. 

Based on my discovery, the 'Wealth Voice' is the missing ingredient to quicken their money manifestation process by half. 

Because there are so many voices in your head throughout the day, it is hard to identify the wealth voice speaking to you.

As a result, most people will be unable to manifest wealth to their desires.

Just imagine if there is a way to hear what this 'Wealth Voice' has to say?

And once you heed the advice of this 'Wealth Voice', you can easily manifest money effortlessly in half the time…

By tapping on the power of the universe.

And truly say that you have maximized the potential of the ultimate money manifestation blueprint.

And because I want more people to succeed quicker with my program,  I doubled down with my time and resources to dive deeper and experiment with this wealth voice. 

With the help of my team and researchers, we conducted many experiments, which took us several months and collected tons of data. 

All in all, we did close to 101 variations of this new game-changing wealth voice. 

Each of this variation was created with one goal in mind - long lasting results for you in the shortest possible time. 

I am proud to say that I have discovered the only 2 variations that work based on my high expectations. 

And it does not matter if you are old, unemployed or only a high school graduate! 

After knowing this, I felt really sad at the thought of my students being unable to hear this wealth voice…

And therefore unable to fast track their money manifestation process.

So that is why I decided to package these two variations of this wealth voice into a program I like to call it…

Ultimate Money Manifestation Booster

Here's What Exactly Inside The Ultimate Money Manifestation Booster Blueprint.

Proprietary Audio Sound Track #1 : Deserving Wealth Destiny Mastery Guided Meditation

Proprietary Audio Sound Track #2 : Interstellar Divine Money Guided Meditation

By now you would have realized with this ultimate money manifestation booster, you will get all the resources you need to succeed in the long term. 

Now let me ask you? 

How much everything that you will be getting is truly worth to accelerate the money manifestation process from the universe with little to no time and effort?



I could probably easily charge an astronomical price for this powerful upgrade.

But because I do not want people who NEED it the most not be able to access this program…

So I decided to be reasonable about this. 

It is going for an insanely low price that you see below.

$591  $67

This ultimate money manifestation booster will help to enhance your reticular activating system (RAS) within your brain further to attract wealth like a magnet. 

And I would like to give you the opportunity to access today.

Imagine yourself being given the option of flying a plane or driving a car to a destination of 10,000 miles away…

The choice is obvious.

So take the option to boost your money manifestation journey so that the struggle for money will no longer be a concern for you.

All you have to do is to apply this program upgrade and tap on the power of the universe and quickly manifest some cash.

You see, I have created this booster program in such a way that it does not require you to have any special skill or talent... 

Neither do you need much commitment.

In fact all you need is 15 mins every morning while you make your way to your work…

And you will likely be surprised by how effective this simple method for quicker money manifestation can be... 

I am very sure you will be manifesting your second source of income very soon.

And I am pretty darn sure of it because having the ultimate money manifestation booster is like discovering the shortcut to financial freedom.

Imagine about the possibilities and lifestyle your family can have.

Imagine being able to spend freely on things without worrying if you can actually afford it.

Imagine being able to choose where to holiday based on your interests rather than your budget.

Gone will be the days that you will have to make such difficult choices.

Gone will be the days where you constantly feel worried about the lack of money.

Because with the ultimate money manifestation booster, you will be able to hear this wealth voice.

In short, you will be attracting wealth and abundance in no time. 

You will be able to manifest your dream life faster and quicker and easier than anyone else.

So right now, you must be wondering...

How can I get my hands on this product already?

But before that hold onto your horses…

Because I have another exciting gift installed for you.

A gift crafted from top 3% millionaires using the LOA to attract more riches in their life. 

A gift that help you to get to the next level of wealth attraction...

And get the universe to deliver money right to your doorstep and just about anything you want.

You see, like many people, I was skeptical about the law of attraction when it comes to manifesting money. 

But after my success with ultimate money manifestation, I decided to go on a journey...

And interview some of the other millionaires who had their life changed from using the law of attraction.

To my biggest surprise, many of them were using the law of attraction in a weird manner that was totally unheard of. 

Since implementing their advice, I have seen myself becoming more confident,instant sharp focus, and achieved the top broker of my firm by nearly doubling my commissions in 6 months. 

And here’s the deal,for first time students only, when you upgrade to Ultimate Manifestation Booster, you will receive this Millionaire LOA Secrets System (Worth $297) for FREE.

BONUS #1 : Millionaire LOA Secrets System

I need to mention this though, that this Millionaire LOA Secrets System will soon become a product on its own to be sold on another website. 

So please hurry and get it for free when you order the ultimate money manifestation booster today! 

Wait there is more! 

I got one final bonus for you. 

Because my #1 priority is to help you succeed, so that you can donate 5% of your wealth to good causes. 

You see,even with the ease of this program, there will still be some of you who may feel like giving up...

Or that you just need a little push and support from me.

And so I am happy to announce that there will be a unlimited email support (worth $199)

BONUS #2: Unlimited Email Support

That’s all, and yes, there are certainly no rebills or any other no hidden costs associated. 

But you must click to pay one time special price, which is available for first time customers only…

Or you will need to pay the full price of $591 later on if you want this upgrade. 

And of course, not to mention, you are still protected by my 100% money back guarantee for a 60 day period. 

60-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like ultimate money manifestation booster, you can get a full refund anytime within 60 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

I have done everything I can…

The only thing I cannot do is to click the button below for you. 

Remember this special rate is only for first time customers only.

Go ahead and click the button below. 


You missed out!

Click here if you're NOT interested in halving your time to get results with Ultimate Money Manifestation

Please note that if you say NO to this upgrade now, you would need to pay the FULL amount of $591 in the future, in order to access this upgrade.

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