I Was Contemplating Suicide
At The Edge Of The Rooftop
With My Life Insurance Policy…

Because I Was Utterly Convinced That

I Would Never Be Able To Get Out Of Bankruptcy

In the next few minutes,

You will find out how this suicide incident led to the discovery of a wealth blueprint that has helped me to get from my lowest point...

Where I was jobless, over $250k in debt and nearly homeless, to living the high life of exotic holidays and owning multiple properties across the globe. 

This is a blueprint that can PERMANENTLY ATTRACT business opportunities and unexpected money flows into your life.

This is a blueprint that can not only help you manifest cash in your life quickly but also help you STAY rich.

This is a blueprint to eternal wealth creation in your life. 

If you are like me, chances are that you know that there is a fundamental difference between the wealthy and the poor.

And why they stayed wealthy throughout their entire life.

If you have been ignoring the truth that there is a difference, I would like to tell you that…

Ignorance is not bliss. PERIOD.

I wish I had discovered this blueprint 15 years earlier to change my destiny. 

I spent 15 PRIME years of my life on a job that I absolutely hate...

Under-performing below my potential and getting passed over for promotion after promotion.

But all this does not have to happen to you, if you are open-minded and are willing to let me give you a helping hand.  

And you will be shocked by how easy it is to implement this in your daily schedule. 

The Universe Will Literally Force You to

Manifest Cash In The Next 48 hours...

Hi, my name is James Irvine. 

Now, before I share on how you can claim access to this blueprint, let me first share a bit on my background story. 

I came from a simple family of humble beginnings where my parents were high school graduates.

My dad took on a menial job as a cleaner while my mother stayed home to take care of the children.

We were living from paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. 

Despite all the hardship,they had emphasized the importance of hard work required to be successful in life. 

And with their advice, I worked hard on my one interest since childhood - Basketball

One day, my high school coach pulled me aside and told me that I had a very good chance of receiving a full NBA scholarship offer.

This could be my golden ticket to a better life! 

Imagine all the royalties and obscene salary I could be getting from playing a single NBA game like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James…

That would be beyond my wildest dreams. 

All I needed to do was to perform well when a top scouting coach came to watch my game...

Unfortunately, I totally blew the one chance.

Because my girlfriend at that time had just told me before the game that she was 4 weeks pregnant…

And between my girlfriend and my baby or a career in basketball, I decided to choose my new family.

So I gave up my dream of becoming a professional basketball player and worked at Macy’s to support my family instead. 

Fast forward years on, I was still a loyal Macy’s employee. 

“Someday the long hours I have put in for the company will be recognized and I will be given the manager position title.” I comforted myself repeatedly from time to time as I continued to hit my sales numbers consistently.  

However, each time a manager position showed up, it went to someone younger instead.

Somehow, I had decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and I KNEW I needed to search for alternative income streams.

I keep asking myself, "Is there another way to get more income for my family that does not depend on my job promotion?” 

I thought God had finally answered my prayers through Tom, my co-worker as he introduced me to an amazing timber investment opportunity. 

It was an investment opportunity with guaranteed, eye-popping high returns!

Certainly, I shouldn't miss this chance to create a better future for myself. 

So, I decided to mortgage my house to invest everything I have in that opportunity alongside my co-worker.

The thought of a better life for my family has blindsided my rational mind to wholeheartedly believe in Tom and went "all in" for this timbre investment opportunity. 

Unfortunately, the scheme turned out to be a Ponzi scheme where the founders were taking newer investors' money to pay off the older ones.

I confronted Tom immediately as soon as I heard about this news but all he had to say was this...

"I am in the same situation as you, James!

All I have is my life now and nothing else."

Once the reality starting sinking in that I was never going to get my money back, I started thinking about the ramifications of what I had done. 

How could I have mortgaged my house for something as dubious as this?

Naturally, we started falling behind on the mortgage payments and other bills. 

One day, we came home only to see our front door being padlocked with an eviction notice stuffed at our doorstep.

Our worse fears had come TRUE.  

My wife started started breathing uncontrollably fast. Next, she started weeping and breaking down. ‘Where are we going to live? What are we going to do?’”

My entire life went into a downwards spiral ever since. 

The financial pressure not even having a place to stay has led to constant quarrels at this studio apartment that we rented. 

From then on, I simply could not concentrate at work due to excessive worrying and lack of sleep. 

And this eventually got me fired. 

Things got so bad that I could not even afford a proper meal and my family was living on food stamps.

At one point, I only had $2 left in my bank account

and I was on the BRINK of bankruptcy. 

I looked back at my life and I kept thinking about the ‘what ifs’.

What if my then girlfriend, now wife did not tell me about the pregnancy before the important game of my life?

What if I had persisted on a career in basketball instead of a job at Macy’s?

Never had I felt so useless and inadequate…

And I felt like I had hit rock bottom…

That night, I decided to stand on the edge of a hotel rooftop, contemplating suicide while holding my $1 million dollars life insurance policy in my arms.

If I die, at least this money can be given to provide for my wife and kids. 

My wife will probably be thankful for me that I am FINALLY doing one thing correct in life for her. 

Because to be honest… What are the chances of me earning more than $1M in my whole life?

Out of nowhere, a middle-aged man grabbed me forcefully from the back and screamed,"Don't jump! It is not time for you yet." 

"What do you mean it's not time yet? If I die, at least there will be money given to my family for them to survive." I cried. 

“There is NO other way!” I added emotionally. 

“If your problem can be solved WITH MONEY, then it is not a big problem."

"There is always a way out for money-related problems.” He continued. 

"Remember, you only have one life where money is truly infinite, and is a medium of exchange for value."

“Most people forget about that as they endlessly chase for more money, without realizing that they are exchanging their time for money, only to miss out things that are priceless."

 "You cannot buy back time, your health or time with your loved ones."


"Money Is Merely A Tool For A Better Life!"

Those wise words struck a chord in me where I usually miss Christmas and many other key family events for double the hourly rate at Macy’s just to make ends meet.

Was I really trying to make a better life for my family then if I have to miss all the key moments in their life?

This middle aged man seemed to have experienced a lot like I did. 

And perhaps he does have a solution for me? 

The thought of leaving my family behind without being there for them was scary... 

I decided to calm down and listen to what this middle aged man had to offer. 

So, I stepped off the rooftop ledge and Simon introduced himself to me.

Simon had spotted me looking depressed at the rooftop edge from afar and felt that something was amiss. 

And so he decided to check things out, and probably just in time too.

Had he been a minute later, I might have been a motionless body at the ground floor of this old building instead.

As we interacted further, I started pouring my heart to Simon about my current situation.

He then quickly revealed to me about this blueprint that is able to help me to manifest cash quickly.

“Are you sure that it is THAT easy to manifest money into my life?” I told Simon with my eyebrows raised with skepticism. 

“You have nothing to lose anyways!” Simon laughed.

Eventually, he managed to convince me that I needed to try this. 

Reluctantly I agreed, and he emailed me a dropbox link consisting of a set of MP3 audios. 

"Please use them daily." he added.  

And so when I got home, I immediately listen to this set of audios. 

I did not feel anything unusual or different and there were no results in the initial 48 hours. 

Simon, however, told me to be patient and have the discipline to use this set of audios consistently.

Then, as if the universe had started to hear my prayers, things starting to change. 

By the end of the 1st week, I had somehow manifested $1k from playing scratch cards. 

In the second week, I manifested another $5k from picking the right growth stocks.

Within the next month or so, I managed to find a job as a stockbroker and I was earning 3 to 5 times what I was earning at Macy’s. 

Everything seems so easy after using this blueprint. 

I was able to start repaying my debts and move into a proper rental house. 

We also started having proper food at home and restaurant meals. 

Finally, no more living on food stamps, no more family quarrels...

All thanks to a complete stranger, Simon, who decided to stop me from leaping from the building rooftop just months earlier.  

Simon and I subsequently become close friends and would meet up regularly. 

One day, I decided to invite him for a Michelin star dinner to thank him for turning my life around. 

‘Why did you choose to share this blueprint with me,Simon?” I asked curiously.  

“All I need was some money at that point in time to pay bills. Instead of lending me a sum of money, you went the extra mile to show me something amazing. ”


“Teach a man to fish and he will make a living instead of giving a man a fish, James.”

“I hope your children will learn this important value from you too. Besides, I have this great feeling about you that you will make the most out of the wealth and your life to do good.” Simon said. 

“By the way can I also share this blueprint with my family and friends?” I asked.

“Of course you can! This knowledge is yours now.” Simon exclaimed.

“But I would like you to promise me that 5% of your fortune from now will be donated to good causes that you believe in? I would also want others whom you share this blueprint with to do the same.”

“I will keep my word on that, buddy!” I promised. 

Ever since the Michelin dinner that night, Simon became uncontactable.

He did not respond to either his emails or his online messages. 

His social media profiles were literally gone overnight.

And when I called his number, someone else had answered instead and explained that she had not changed her number for nearly 10 years… 

It was as if there is no such person who existed on this face of Earth. 

He had completely vanished.

None of this makes sense to me….

It Was As If Simon Was An Angel Sent From The Heavens To Bless Me At My Lowest Point In My Life.

I wished I could tell you everything went smooth sailing from here on...

And that my family and I lived happily ever after.

3 months later, one of my clients ignored my advice and leveraged on penny stocks and lost $250k overnight.

He defaulted and left the burden of this debt on me. 

My life has just started turning for the better and this had to happen. 

Another test in my life awaits but the only difference is that this time around I was prepared.

With my faith on this blueprint, I turned my life around once again.

With the right calls on Bitcoin and Gold over the next 12 months, I was able to pay off my debt and much more. 

My clients have also followed suit based on my research and made TONS of money alongside me.

One of them even bought me a brand new BMW just to say thank you!

More importantly, I have proven to myself once again that this blueprint simply works!

It had worked so well for me that I had to understand the mechanism behind these miraculous sets of audios…

Was it the soothing voice or was it the background music that is the secret ingredient? 

And so when I got home, I immediately listen to this set of audios.

I did not feel anything unusual or different and there were no results in the initial 48 hours. 

Simon, however, told me to be patient and have the discipline to use this set of audios consistently.

Then, as if the universe had started to hear my prayers, things starting to change. 

By the end of the 1st week, I had somehow manifested $1k from playing scratch cards. 

In the second week, I manifested another $5k from picking the right growth stocks.

Within the next month or so, I managed to find a job as a stockbroker and I was earning 3 to 5 times what I was earning at Macy’s. 

Everything seems so easy after using this blueprint. 

I was able to start repaying my debts and move into a proper rental house. 

We also started having proper food at home and restaurant meals. 

Finally, no more living on food stamps, no more family quarrels...

All thanks to a complete stranger, Simon, who decided to stop me from leaping from the building rooftop just months earlier.  

Simon and I subsequently become close friends and would meet up regularly. 

And so I spent the next 4 years of my life researching and consulting many brain doctors and neuro-scientists about this set of audios.

Through a lot of trial and error as well as experiments conducted on my relatives and friends, I had FINALLY isolated the secret ingredient on why these sets of audios work.

Truth to be told, the secret of this blueprint is that it activates a special part of your brain.

So what is this special part I am talking about? 

It Is The Reticular Activating System (RAS), Which Is A Network Of Neurons That Acts Like A ‘Money Switch’ Inside You.  

Switch it on, and you will flip instantly from someone who is destined to be living in poverty to someone who is able to attract wealth opportunities and unexpected money flows.


That's the reason why some people can LITERALLY find $100 bills lying around on the floor.

That's the reason why some people suddenly become rich out of nowhere from their investments. 

That’s also the reason why some people can win the lotteries and lucky draws.  

And without this blueprint, you probably need to spend hundreds of hours figuring out how to turn on this ‘money switch’ within you

Majority of the people will never find this switch in their entire life and therefore remain stuck with money problems until the day they pass on...

If I were you, I would rather leverage on my unexpected encounter with an angel called Simon and use the same audio tracks directly to manifest cash into my life. 

You will not only get results faster, but also be able to do it effortlessly without all the struggle that comes with trial and error. 

And that explains how this blueprint helped to change my financial destiny forever…

Eventually leading to this sharing session with you.  

Listen, if you want dramatic results, then you need to try something different to get different results. 

Playing it safe and doing the same thing over and over again...may lead to the same path that I did, and lost 15 prime years of life to a job that I absolutely hate. 

And I do not not wish for that to happen to you. 

My legacy is to help a handful of motivated people to change their life.

If you are tired of stressing out from money worries...

If you are sick of being rejected by people and passed over for promotion after promotion...

If your inability to spend quality time with your family is damaging your relationship with them…

Then you definitely need to pay attention to the blueprint I am able to reveal.

Because this blueprint has allowed me to easily manifest 3x to 5x what I was earning and that number only keeps increasing!  

Now without further ado,

And today you are going to get this very blueprint…


Ultimate Money Manifestation

*Product Image is for illustration purposes only

Ultimate Money Manifestation is a blueprint that can help you to attract money opportunities and manifest the wealth you desire at will.

And with money, you can buy the most precious commodity on earth before it is too late - Time.

Time to focus on the people around you…

Time to focus on your passions…

Time to leave behind a legacy... 

It is therefore a limited slots program because I only want it to benefit the right group of people who are willing to persist and change their life. 

I believe God has given me this chance through ‘Simon’ to help others so that I can answer to him in my afterlife.

The worst can hit you again and again and this blueprint will be able to help you solve your money problems. 

You see, recently I met up with a friend I haven't met in a long time. 

His child was suddenly diagnosed with cancer, and they needed money for treatment.

Instead of lending him money, I asked him to be open minded to try my ultimate money manifestation program.  

After 1 week of using my blueprint, he found out about a $50k inheritance he never knew about...

After 2 weeks of using my blueprint, he got a promotion at work

After 6 weeks, he manifested an additional $80k from his side business venture that was exactly the amount he needed to start treating his child’s cancer!

So if you are interested in being in charge of your financial destiny, then you need to get this blueprint immediately

Here’s what exactly inside the Ultimate Money Manifestation program.

Proprietary Audio Sound Track #1 : Wealth Mastery Guided Meditation

Some of the richest people in history are not businessman or woman, but rather kings and queens of vast empire.

They not only control immerse amount of wealth and land, but  also total absolute power.  

They truly believed that they were sent by the heavens to be God's agent on this Earth to rule. 

And now, it is time to use this MP3 to visualize yourself as a royalty with....

 Endless Amount Of Luxurious Wealth, Riches and Power

With the ultimate money manifestation blueprint, it is not just about tapping and playing a set of magical MP3 audios...

Instead, this proprietary MP3 will allow you to feel the intense, bright green-gold radiance which will be flowing throughout your body, thereby turning your 'money switch' inside you. 

Essentially, it is only a matter of time before you become a money magnet for money, success and riches...

And it is your divine right to align with the universe to deserve all the wealth you desire! 

The benefits of this 11 minutes MP3 is endless, but just to name a few right now.

  • Increase your wealth capacity
  • Improve your wealth luck
  • Eliminate your money limiting beliefs about deserving money
  • Relieve stress surrounding your current money deficit situation 
  • Generate profitable business opportunities in the coming years
  • Become a highly sought after talent in the competitive job market instead
  • Multiply your abundance and financial blessings infinitely 

And much more...

Proprietary Audio Sound Track #2 : Lifestyle Visualization Guided Meditation

Attracting money into your life does not come easy, but neither should you be struggling to get there. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your consistency in applying the ultimate money manifestation. 

For starters, it is actually beneficial to be detached from the outcome of becoming wealthy.

Instead, focus on the process of this money manifestation journey.

This MP3 aims to focus on the process of becoming a successful,happy holistic person by repeating these 7 phases on a regular basis.

Phase 1:  Clearing Your Mind

Phase 2:  Consciousness 

Phase 3: Gratitude

Phase 4: Removing Negative Charges

Phase 5:  Visualizing Your Perfect Future

Phase 6: Your Perfect Day

Phase 7: The Blessings

Needless to say, some of the benefits of this 9 minutes MP3 include:

  • Feel revitalized and ready for your hectic schedule ahead
  • Amplify the power of gratitude
  • Stay calm in face of obstacles
  • Manifest  miracles frequently by being detached from the outcome
  • Attract the 'dream' lifestyle you have always been waiting for
  • Blessed with luck and opportunities
  • Mend relationships with your friends and family

And much more...

Since you already heard the success stories and potential benefits of this blueprint, so tell me...

How much do you think it is worth? 

One time fee of $1000?

Upwards of $5000?

Honestly, I probably figured that I can charge this amount or higher for group coaching and there will still be people willing open their wallets for this...

As you will agree with me, given that it is a LIFETIME blueprint for unlimited wealth manifestation then this is absolutely worth it.

The sooner you get it, the better your life will be...

Based on my personal experience, after using this blueprint I was not only significantly wealthier, but also genuinely happier as I found my true calling in life and mended many key relationships. 

In Your Pursuit For Wealth, Don't Forget To Pursuit The Thing That Matters - Happiness.

However, because I promised my angel Simon that with every person who gains access to this blueprint, he or she must donate 5% of their future income to good causes...

Ultimate Money Manifestation blueprint has been priced very reasonably to reflect that.

$191  $27

On Top Of That, I Will Also Throw In Another Bonus Created From My Years Of Research And Experiments To Dramatically Quicken Your Results.   

BONUS: Ultimate Money Manifestation Checklist

With 2 simple audios, the ultimate money manifestation blueprint will easily guide you on your path to prosperity. 

However,  I wanted to provide you with a checklist that I have complied that shows the exact steps on how some of my most successful student and I implement this program. 

All in the name to ensure that you get  optimal results. 

Sounds fair enough?

Not only that, you will also be able to email me if you find this guide not sufficient for you.

As always, I await your feedback once you have tried this awesome ultimate money manifestation program.

Some of you might be thinking to yourself right now...

Hey James, if you are doing this truly to help others, then why can't it be cheaper or even FREE?

My answer is to you is really simple...

People Take Free Or Cheap Stuff For Granted. Period.

They may even think that because it is so cheap, it is of low quality and not useful.

As of result of that, they simply park the ultimate money manifestation program aside without ever visiting it again.

Sounds familiar? I was guilty of that myself for some other blueprint that I have bought myself.

Not you. This will not happen to you because I want you to be accountable for your results when you make this purchase.

And between taking up some of my time to maintain this product, trying to do good and benefit as many people as I can... 

I have decided on this pricing.


I want you to take action right now...

As this is the closest thing you are ever going to get in a step by step money manifestation blueprint.

So get your copy of this blueprint before we reach the limited number of slots for this blueprint.  

For any reason this blueprint does not work to your expectations, I am offering you a 60 days money back guarantee.

60-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like ultimate money manifestation blueprint, you can get a full refund anytime within 60 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

But with all the success stories above as well as this 60 days money back guarantee, the risk of purchasing is really low, so what are you waiting for?


I want you to hear more testimonials of my students who have used this blueprint. 

I have become a money magnet! 

48 hours from using the audios and I have literally picked up a $100 bill. James is amazing! I have been following his work for a while now and I know that my life will be changing for the better soon.
Update: Manifested another $1k from scratch cards to start my online business! 

These audios are so simple, but yet it WORKS!

Grace Alexis 

You have heard that totally right! Within 2 days of using this set of audios and out of the blue, I received an unexpected, unsolicited gift of $1200 from my relative.

I am still reeling in shock. I am on day 7 now but I am excited to see where more money will come from. Money is truly coming from so many unexpected sources. 

The audios are really simple to use. 

And it works. I can't ask for more than that.

Tom Johnson 
- Regular Employee 

This program is worth every penny I purchased it for. James really wants you to succeed through his bottom of his heart.  This set of audios can be life changing if you are willing to be open minded and give it a try.  Simply follow the steps faithfully and you will manifest $500 MINIMUM! Probably the best investment made in myself and I am super grateful to James and the team

Fergie Michaela 
- Stylist

You are just minutes away from completing this personal letter from me.  


Wait, do you hear that?

If you listen carefully, that's the sound of opportunity knocking...

Some people will not take action simply because they are allergic to opportunities. 

But not you my friend, because you are smarter than the rest of them. 

You know the consequences of not using Ultimate Money Manifestation right now to change your financial destiny.

And that's why you are still reading this page.

The money to pay off your debt and never having to worry about money again.

The ability to break free from the shackles of your 9 to 5 job.

 You will also be able to share the key moments of your life with your loved ones.

In fact, the earlier you purchase this blueprint, the higher the return of your investment!


You missed out!

You have two options before this page will expire due to the limited slots available.

Option #1: Be skeptical and keep wondering why people around you are getting wealthier and are able to attract all the opportunities in their life. 

Meanwhile, you live your life regretting having not been able to find the ‘money switch’ within you. 

Or you can choose...

Option #2: Give Ultimate Money Manifestation an honest try for a full 60 days and experience the joy of not having to worry about money anymore.

Let Ultimate Money Manifestation do all the work for you while you focus on enjoying the good life!

Plus,even if the worst case scenario does happens where you couldn't get Ultimate Money Manifestation to work…

I will refund your money with absolutely no questions asked. Thus, the risk is 100% on me.

Click the button below...and I can't wait to have you on the winning side.

*Product Image is for illustration purposes only

Wealth Guided Meditation

Lifestyle Visualization Guided Meditation

Ultimate Money Manifestation Checklist

$87 Value

$67 Value

$37 Value

Total Value: $191

$27 (One Time Offer)

You will be getting everything at a fraction of the actual cost! 

The best part about this program is that you do not need to wait 1 to 2 weeks for your blueprint to arrive.

There will also be no hidden costs or handling fee for you to receive this blueprint.

And the sooner you begin, the sooner you will be able to manifest cash into your life.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂

Ultimate Money Manifestation

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