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2021 Brand New Product


What's Inside Our Product Funnel?

Ultimate Money Manifestation contains front end product and mostly importantly 2 up-sells, 2 down-sells and 2 order bumps to maximize the average amount per sale that you will be getting your commissions from!  

  • Frontend: Ultimate Money Manifestation ($37) - 70% Commissions
  • Upsell #1: Ultimate Money Manifestation Booster ($67) - 50% Commissions
  • Upsell #2: Ultimate Money Affirmations ($47) - 50% Commissions
  • Order Bump #1  ($7.95) - 50% Commissions
  • Order Bump #2 ($12.95) - 50% Commissions

You can potentially earn up to $93.35 per sale! 

Here's the best part, we did some pre-testing with some affiliates and some were reporting EPCs as high as $1 in as little as 200 clicks. 

** It has been proven that providing value or bonuses, together with pre-selling will help to improve your EPC significantly!**

Still need more proof? Check out the global sales we are getting from this product! We are also getting good bumps and up-sell sales as well! 


Thanks Hubert for this amazing manifestation product ! Once he let me know his new product, I immediately got it schedule and the next day, I got $215.34 by just mail to one of my mailing list. This give me an EPC of $0.90. I will continue to promote it to my other list in next few days. 🙂

Kenny Tan

Singapore Affiliate Marketer

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Email SWIPE 1 (Best Converting)

Subject Line:

I Want To Bless You With More Riches

GOD's Blessings Awaits,{!firstname_fix} 

Body Message: 

Go straight and take a look at this secret as there is a possibility to increase your wealth capacity by 3x to 5x with this.

If you are tired of living from paycheck from paycheck...

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The elite wealthy has tried all means to get rid of me...

But I am persisting on this journey to help ordinary people like YOU manifest wealth

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This program is NOT free, but it is very worth your investment. 

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PS: I don’t know how long I can keep this secret accessible to everyone.  

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EMail SwIPE 2

Subject Line

OPEN Privately ASAP!

BREAKING: Change Your Life With This Remote 📺

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If your current life was an old channel on TV, how would you like to be given a chance to [obtain this remote] to switch up your life to your desire? 

I know I would… 

Use this remote to craft the dream life of manifesting unlimited abundance, love and much much more.

Well, if you also like to do so… here’s how. 

If life from the day you were born isn’t how you thought it would be: 

It’s not because you didnt work hard

It’s not because you have bad intentions from time to time

It’s also not because you are not optimistic about your life

You just haven’t discovered the secrets to manifest money in your life.

And what you think should be manifesting money hasn't worked for you because you do not have the remote to change the old channel on your TV.

But you are here because you want to stop struggling, and you are ready to have more channels in your life by gaining control of this magical remote. 

[Gain control of this remote and receive all the money and abundance you were meant to have here.]

With just 20 mins a day, you can easily align yourself with the universe and start manifesting the kind of money you were wishing for. 

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PS. I’m confident this money manifestation remote is what you have been waiting for. 

Click here to find out how to tune into the right wealth TV channel in your life. 

Email SWIPE 3

Subject Line:


Body Message: 

I can sense that you need some financial blessings…

Whether you are having trouble manifesting money in your life, or even trying to make the most of your life, this blueprint can help you. 

Whatever it is, I recommend James Irvine’s unique blueprint for wealth manifestation. 

But before I let you in, take note that this is only available for a LIMITED TIME only.

Over the years, James has guided countless clients to manifest money in as little as 48 hours by awakening their money senses with simple guided meditation audios. 

WARNING: Floodgate of golden opportunities and money awaits you here.

I will never miss this for the world. 

Claim your chance to view this blueprint here.

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Email SWIPE 4

Subject Line:  

ELITE $$ Invite: {!email} 

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Open up because this is addressed straight to you…

Don’t fret or stress over money problems...

Because there is just so much UNTAPPED potential for more wealth and abundance in your life…

With the ultimate money manifestation program, your BANK BALANCE will literally increase from this. 

Take a look at this eternal wealth manifestation blueprint here. 

There are people who have tried to stop me from showing you this…

So please take a look at it urgently before it gets taken down. 

And all YOU have to do... is listen to a set of unique audios..

Manifest cash into your life with this amazing blueprint.

P.S This is NOT free,but very worth it. 

Take a look at this program here. 

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Email SWIPE 5

Subject Line:

{!firstname_fix}, It’s Time to Switch Up Your Financial Life

Body Message: 

Are you in financial debt, earning minimum wages, yet feeling overworked?

Now, it’s time to switch up! With more income, more free time, and more joy in your life.

Ultimate Money Manifestation program is offering at a discounted price of $37 ($191) and prices are about to increase in the next 24 hours! 

Here’s what you’ll receive:

·   A changed mind set for more abundance in life

·   Increased wealth luck and capacity

·   More profitable business opportunities in the coming years

This program is worth every penny I purchased it for. James really wants you to succeed through his bottom of his heart.  This set of audios can be life changing if you are willing to be open minded and give it a try.  Simply follow the steps faithfully and you will manifest $500 MINIMUM! Probably the best investment made in myself and I am super grateful to James and the team

Fergie Michaela 

- Stylist

[Ready to switch up your life? GET ACCESS NOW]

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Email SWIPE 6

Subject Line:

You Can Leave Money Stress Behind

Uplevel Your Life and Scale Your Income 

Advice. Acceptance. Abundance

Body Message: 

We know it’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to finances, but what if I told you that wealth and abundance is actually a state of mind? 

If you’ve ever felt like you’re hitting your head against a glass ceiling, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t need a fancy investment right off the bat. 

What you need is to get in touch with that next-level mojo you know you have hiding inside you. 

Your Income Isn’t The Problem, Your Strategy Is 

With Ultimate Money Manifestation, you can learn how to manage your energy and use manifestation for a richer, more abundant life. 

It’s the perfect option for those who feel constantly drained, need help with their career and dating, or who feel like they need an abundance-infusing jump start. 

Learn how to magnetise money straight to you and let’s celebrate your wins together! 

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Brand New Email Swipes - Optimized For May 2021

Story Based Email Swipe

SL: $1k from Scratch Cards?

SL: how grace won $1k from scratch cards

SL: $100 then $1k?

Grace had been struggling financially for a while now.

She was barely getting by, with the help of her parents when they could spare it.

She didn’t really believe in manifestation. When she heard of the concept she made fun at the idea when they were talking about it with a friend. 

But when her friend mentioned that we do have the innate ability to manifest money into our lives with this “weird” switch on our brain, she decided to give it a try. 

The worst case scenario she just would have spent a few minutes to humor her friend and give it a shot. 

Nothing happened after that. 

One day on her way to work, like magic, she did find $100 on the ground, just like that. 

Looking around thought it was just this sheer coincidence and someone would have left it. When the coast was clear, she picked it up. 

Her day went by like usual. 

But that got her curious about the “manifestation thing” she did with her friend and wondered if it really worked. It could be that the “weird” switch just went on and got her to see the $100 bill when nobody did. 

Trying her luck after work, she scratched some cards and...

...shockingly won $1k! 

Imagine the sheer shock of a non-believer…

Want to know what the “weird switch” her friend was talking about? 

[Check this out: “Weird” Money switch that Grace has activated]


P.S. She shared to me that she is using the money to start her own online business. Check out how she did it here: [Money switch Grace turned on]

Curiosity Based Email Swipes

SL: weird “money switch” inside your brain?

SL: what does it feel like to pick up a $100 bill?

Hey there, 

Have you ever wondered why people seemingly have more money than others? 

You may have or might know someone that mentioned they picked up a $20 bill or $100 bill (in my case) from the ground out of nowhere. 

As if it was dropped by some angel to give you and help with what you need. 

What if I told you that you can actually have money seemingly “drop” on your lap without doing anything whenever you want?

You see, I also thought it was sheer coincidence (picking up money from the ground) but after months of research discovered that we all actually have a “money switch” inside our brain.

Now before you drift off and think I'm talking nonsense, here is what actually happens when you do this…

Instead of worrying about money all the time and how you’re gonna get it, what happens when you open that switch, is your mind will be more open to opportunities and see money everywhere you go. 

I didn’t believe it was possible too because I was deep in debt and almost killed myself (that’s for another story).

After I tried to open my “money switch”. I almost immediately saw a $100 bill as I was walking to work one day. 

Coincidence? Probably. 

But if I hadn’t had my mind train to see money wherever I go, I believe it wouldn’t be possible. 

[See exactly how I opened the “money switch” inside my brain]. 

To your abundance, 


P.S. You might be surprised at how easy it is to open this part of your brain. [Check out the exact steps on how to do it here]

Shocking Based Email Swipes

SL: from suicide to becoming a millionaire

SL: my wife almost got $1million and lost me

SL: Do angels really exist?

If you are having money problems, then my story might be useful to you. 

You see, like most people earning minimum wage, we always want our family’s lives to be better..

So when my co-worker Luca got me into an investment opportunity, I grabbed at the chance to make my family’s lives be better than what it is now. 

...until I discovered that it was a ponzi scheme. 

All the dreams I had shattered, my life savings down the drain.

Even though I did have a job, for a time I was depressed and everything went spiraling down: 

My wife hated me…

My boss fired me…

When the smoke cleared all that’s left was my ability to breathe and $2 in my pocket.  

Back then suicide was one of my options. 

With my life insurance intact, I could at least give my family $1million to get out of debt and live on with their lives. 

But like a scene from a movie, a voice suddenly called out telling me to stop. 

Upto this point I am not sure if this was real, but after I chatted with my “savior” little did I know I was on my way to become a millionaire.

See what he said here: 

[>>how a middle-aged man saved me from dying and helped me become a millionaire.]

To Abundance,


P.S. Here’s a hint: he actually gave me two audiotapes that helped me out of debt. [It is available here...]

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